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Esperanza Deseo - Handmade by Fans

Esperanza Deseo brings colourful, Bohemian wrap bracelets made from recycled cotton, combined with bronze and antique silver parts. What started as a dream for Sylvia van Wingerden in 2013, has now grown into a popular brand that appeals to women and girls all over the world. In addition to the more than 120 points of sale at home and abroad, the collection of Esperanza Deseo is now also available in our own webshop.
In 2013, during a holiday on Ibiza, Sylvia van Wingerden realised that life is relative and that you have to make the most of it as long as you can. That's why Sylvia decided to change her mind. She wanted to make her dream come true and started her own jewellery brand, where the core values 'friendship', 'hope' and 'wish' are central. The name is also derived from this, because Esperanza Deseo means hope and wish in Spanish. In the four years that followed, the jewellery was noticed by many shops at home and abroad and Sylvia now works full-time on making and designing new bracelets.

Durable and trendy

Esperanza Deseo bracelets are handmade in the Netherlands from recycled cotton from the fashion industry. As a result, the colours seamlessly match the current colours and prints of the clothing collections in the shops. Thanks to the stretchy material, they are very comfortable to wear and the colourful jewellery fits around every wrist. The wrap bracelets are available in more than 300 colours and can be purchased separately or as a complete set. Because of this versatility, the bracelets are worn with great pleasure by women and girls of all ages.

Collection wrap bracelets

The Bohemian collection is divided into several themes. For example, the jewelry belonging to the Love Ibiza theme are made for real Ibiza lovers. In this series of bracelets you will also find island coins designed by Esperanza Deseo. In the Proud Mama collection you will find jewelry for proud Boho Mama's and the Enjoy Life theme is especially for the real bon vivants. The bracelets from the Hippie Girl collection are for all girls and ladies who love the Boho style with buffaloes, Indians and Buddhas.