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Sweet7 is a young and trendy Dutch jewellery brand with four collections a year. In these collections natural materials are used. The jewellery is made of leather (real and imitation), natural stone and occasionally stainless steel. The jewellery of Sweet7 is characterized by good quality and last a long time. This makes our Sweet7 jewellery very popular.

Sweet7 has an extensive collection that contains a total of about 15,000 products! With four collections per year Sweet7 responds directly to fashion trends. There are always three main themes per collection, matching the fashion trends, as well as the basic collection.
The total collection consists of: rings (one size fits all), bracelets, earrings, necklaces and accessories. But also key rings, keycords, pins and pins, hair accessories / headbands, ankle straps, barefoot sandals etc. Everything, but really everything, to complete a look!

Sweet7 is on trend and we always have the jewellery that makes an outfit of today. Whether it's a boho necklace, a pair of stainless steel earrings or choker: Sweet7 has it in the collection!

In short: Sweet7 is a trendy, young, quality jewellery brand with a very extensive and on trend collection!
Sweet7 (kannai.nl)