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Maintenance of your jewelry
Prevent discolouration

The basic material of silver plated jewelry is copper and / or bronze, and are then passed through a silver bath. The result is a beautiful shiny finish with a layer of real silver. The most important factor why a piece of jewelry discolored is the PH value / acidity of your skin. This layer of silver then wears off faster. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent discoloration, people with this high PR value prefer real silver.

If you have purchased silver jewelry, you want to keep it beautiful as long as possible. When you follow the tips below, they discolor less quickly. Be careful with skin care products, cosmetics and chemicals. Silver plated jewellery is not resistant to products such as soap, (sunscreen) cream and perfume. If you do expose jewelry to these products, they can be affected with discoloration and dullness as a result. Do not exercise, swim or shower with your silver plated jewelry When you are going to exercise or swim, leave your silver plated jewelry at home. This also applies if you are going to do housework or take a shower. Depending on how dirty the jewelry is, there are plenty of opportunities to clean silver jewelry. The easiest way to clean is to use a silver polish cloth. For other products you can inquire at a jeweler or chemist.