Payment methods

Joyeria Y Mas accepts orders with an amount up to €500.
If you want to order for more than €500,- please contact us at [email protected] and we will review your request.
Multiple orders of €500 in a row on 1 day will not be accepted by us.

At Joyeria Y Mas you can pay safely with iDEAL in your trusted payment environment.
You pay with the reliable way of internet payments.
And you pay via the secure software of your own bank.

With MasterCard SecureCode you can safely pay online with your credit card.
Because of the 3D Secure security, credit card payments are made with MasterCard SecureCode.
Secure payment method, everything is done via a secure connection (SSL).
You can also pay with your Visa card
And by credit card at Apple Pay, this is only possible with an Apple phone.

And for our Belgian customers we also offer Bancontact.
Pay safely and securely with your own card.
MisterCash supports the following banks: Dexia, Fortis, ING, Fintro, KBC, CBC, AXA and VDK.

E-mailadres: [email protected]
PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A.
22-24 Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxemburg
Fast and secure payment with your PayPal account. After your PayPal payment your order is in the process of packaging and shipping.

When using Klarna, you receive your items first, and then pay within 30 days. You pay €2.99 for this.
This fee is not refunded when the order is returned.
Is it not possible to pay via Klarna?
This may be due to the total amount of your order, any unpaid invoices, or one of your invoices has been transferred to the collection agency.
In that case, you can of course pay with one of the other payment methods, or you can contact Klarna customer service .
To use Klarna, your minimum order amount is €50

The spending limit for Klarna is €300.
You can only pay 1 transaction per day with Klarna, multiple orders on 1 day via Klarna will not be accepted and therefore cancelled!
Klarna processes your personal data to complete the payment.
More information can be found in their payment terms and privacy statement.

Please note! Klarna is separate from Joyeria Y Mas.
This means that when you opt for Klarna the payment will also go through them.
If you have any questions about this, please contact Klarna's customer service.
When using Klarna, our own return conditions always apply! See here for shipping & returns.

Please note! When using Klarna, it is a legal requirement that you must be at least 18 years old.
If you are under 18 and still use Klarna, you are in breach of the law and any consequences that may arise after e.g. a Klarna audit are for yourself!


Important information: as of 1 November your giftcard must first be converted at one of the giftcard providers before you can use it in our webshop.
This concerning the new regulations of the webshop giftcards.

How can I use my ecard?
When completing your order, select the payment method Gift Card and proceed to Purchase.
Then you will be redirected to a page where you can select the Webshop Giftcard and pay with the above 19-digit card code and 6-digit pin code.
If you do not spend the full amount, the remainder will simply remain on the ecard.
The balance on your card will be settled automatically. Is the balance insufficient?
No problem you will be automatically redirected to Joyeria Y Mas's payment environment.
For more information about the Webshop Giftcard and the general terms and conditions click on the following link:

Another important tip!
When redeeming a gift card, you regularly make the mistake of entering the 19-digit gift card number in the webshop's discount code field.
This should be entered on the payment page and not in the discount code field.

The Good4fun giftcard, the giftcard for fun for everyone.
Easy to upgrade with an amount of your choice.

Checkout with the Good4fun digital gift card:
Paying with the Good4fun digital gift card is very easy.
You simply place your order in a webshop and select Gift card under payment method and continue with Buy.
Then you will be redirected to a page where you can select the 'Good4fun giftcard' and enter the code.
If your purchase amount exceeds the card value, you can pay the remaining amount with another payment method at Joyeria Y Mas.
But you don't have to spend the Good4fun gift card in one go.
The remaining balance on your card remains valid until the expiry date.
Use the balance checker on our website to see how much money is left on your gift card.
For more information about the Good4Fun Giftcard and the terms and conditions, please click on the following link:

Fashion cheque
If you want to pay for your purchase in the webshop, go to the checkout module in the webshop and choose fashioncheque as your payment method.
(Please note that you do not enter your fashion voucher card number in the field of the discount or voucher code).
For more information about the Good4Fun Giftcard and the general terms and conditions click on the following link;

If you are not satisfied with your purchase made with a gift card, you may return it.
You wil then receive a shop credit from us to the value of your purchase.