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At FELIZ, European craftsmanship is guaranteed.

FELIZ stands for a working environment where human values are absolutely not lost.

And where the craftsman gets a fair reward for the product he delivers.

FELIZ is a modest company with respect for its environment. To see her designs come to life, she travels to the workshops and ateliers where her designs are made. She searches for leather herself and talks to the makers involved in this process. This is a transparent process.

FELIZ is characterised by pure materials, european leather and wool felt translated into a pair of boots or trainers, bag or hat with stylishly simple lines with a boho chic feminine look.

So FELIZ is not just about hair . The collection is the result of diligent work by a group of loyal artisans in southern Europe, but ultimately it's also about you....

Make that choice and go for FELIZ!