Hot Lava

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Hot Lava

Hot Lava is fair trade beach & resort wear in Ibiza style.
Supple, elegant dresses.
Bohemian style skirts that match Ibiza tunics in high quality natural materials.
Hot Lava handmade original accessories, Ibiza flip flops and jewelry complete your outfit.

Made with love and by hand.
Every Hot Lava item is made with love and attention in small-scale workshops on Bali.
Each piece is unique.
At Hot Lava, we have a bond with each studio and the people behind it.
They master a profession that is becoming increasingly rare.
The shells are attached by hand to the Hot Lava sandals and flip-flops, just like the beads on the neckline and sleeves of dresses and tunics.

Luxury beach and resort wear
Hot Lava clothing is stylish, wearable fashion in bohemian style for women with class and fun in life.
Luxury beach & resort wear in which you can move freely to enjoy the good things in your life.

Fair trade natural materials
Hot Lava believes in small-scale, fair and honest trade.
That's why we make all our Ibiza fashion from natural materials:
dresses, skirts and tunics are made of cotton or rayon.
The shells on Hot Lava flip flops and sandals are real, just like the stones in Hot Lava bracelets and necklaces.