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Made in Spain - Essence

Kanna manufactures all its collections since 30 years ago in the brand's birthplace, the place of
 "La Encarnación", which belongs to Caravaca de la Cruz town (Murcia).
Manufacturing cradle of espadrilles, and use and manufacturing of jute.
The base of our brand and our products manufacturing is the jute, a natural fiber which drinks from a centennial tradition which was born in the northwest of Murcia region, birthplace and main site of our brand. The soles of our espadrilles, wedges ans sneakers are manufactured in a traditional and handcrafted way, using first quality jute in the soles and floors. 
Caravaca de la Cruz is the house and reference of the jute production in Spain, where since some generations ago, it is known they work this material in a handcrafted way totally.
It is known as the golden fiber, jute is a 100% natural, biodegradable and recyclable  material.
The way to obtain it is totally respectful with the enviroment.