Piti Cuiti

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Am Ainara, passionate about fashion and creator of all the bags, accessories and garments that you find on this page, I was always a fan of fashion, and many times I had a hard time finding what I liked, In my search for unique treasures around the world, In 2003, as a creative result of a bohemian life on the island of Ibiza and with the arrival of my first daughter, I launched my first collection of bags.
Make the most of the use of leather, being very aware of sustainability and the environment, so we never use leather that does not come from the food industry. Leather is a noble and valuable material, each imperfection in the leather is an identity factor, which makes a piece unique.
My designs are personalized with exclusive pieces of Afghan jewelry, vintage Tibetan, Indian, Moroccan rhinestones ... this is how I turn my designs into something special and unique.
In 2018, with the arrival of my third child, I launched my first clothing collection, since after so many trips, walking through so many markets and seeing the wonder of fabrics and accessories, I could not resist and in cooperation with families of artisans with The ones that have a more than commercial link, we started to create unique and wonderful garments.
The illusion and dedication, the love for craftsmanship make me create exclusive and original designs. Unique pieces with style and personality.
Each creation contains a piece of me, which would be impossible without you, thanks for being part of this great experience.