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Hot Lava Pants Alex Black
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Hot Lava
Pants Alex Black
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Cute boho, hippie and leisure clothing that will complete your summer outfit.
Nice dress, tunic, blouse, t-shirt, top, skirt, trousers, jeans short or long.
These are finished with charms, feathers, beads, stones and tassels on the v-neck,
or in the talie, on a short or long sleeve, with various fabrics in layers, crocheted or tie-dye, batik.
Nice clothing that is just as different as usual and it falls very supple and airy. 
Just like the other stamp that is printed on these clothes.
This clothing makes you a bit freer and more colorful so the sun shines when you wear it.
Nice and contemporary for a bohemian look, so you can enjoy the sun in a colorful way.
For all your sunny destinations Ibiza, Curacao, Bali, Mikonos etc...
They are fairtrade made "Handmade" by people all over the world.
The brands Esperanza Deseo, Hot Lava, Isla Ibaza Bonita value this,
And can be and remain so unique